The Award winning bungalows of Vienam

The sparkle STAR shining right to the villages of Quang Tri province, Vietnam. With a long and narrow valley, located next to Ho Chi Minh Highway West, in Huong Hoa district. The climate of the Tropical Rain Forest here will lured to this distinguish area of cool and refreshing temperature through out the year. The forest here offer the mountains, waterfalls, and caves are typically promised of the country. There You will enjoy your stay between your journey while stop to recuperate and recharge while discover the beauty and tranquil of Western Quang Tri

The famous of Coffee Agro-forestry

The birds eyes will pan out the 6.2 acre of the spectacular Five Seasons Bungalows right on the hill of agro-forestry. Coffees here are the key theme and major focus on this spectacular hill. Also, it filted more than 2000 Cherries flowers (Sakura). It’s knowing as a signature flowers here. Beside this exotic blooming you’ll see the native of Orchids, and the collections of over 300 or rare species. Not to mention the famous Organic vegetables garden offered the fresh and crisp produces daily.

Những căn nhà

The Cozy's Bungalows

With eight appointed bungalows with the three room types, to meet your need and requirement. The setting of all of our rooms are all double size beded. And the restroom are fully equiped with the Westernize fixture, the Bungalows are equiped with kitchenette for your convenient, fire pit and outdoor recreation area with a spectacular view of the mountain while enjoy your meal and not to forget to experience our fresh brew coffee.

The endless joyful ride to Bungalows

Ho Chi Minh Highway West bound of the 240km stretch of road from Khe Sanh to Phong Nha and the bungalow is situated in the first 1/3 of this stretch of road. There are many beautiful sightseens of the country along the way. We welcome you to bring your own food and beverages. We offered spacious bungalows with hot water shower, comfy bed and warm blanket . Enjoy the nightfall with our draught beer and wine. At breakfast don't forget to grap a cup our compliment in house roasted signature coffee prior to your departure.

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The Rejoice, Relax, Relief and Repeat

Beside the 4 gifted seasons, here at the Bungalow will entertain you the fifth season where you will indulge youself with the wilderness, Meditate on the side of the mountain, and purify yourself with the clean spring spakling water, while enjoy the fresh air and what the nature have to offer .

The Wining & Dining

With our carefully balanced menu, full with many selection of dishes in both in Vegan and nonVegan. From the farms and the fields right to the table, there you will appreciate the tastefulness of each dish well prepared in Vietnamese style of cooking or Westernize cuisine. Hint! don't forget to view our wide variety and hight demanding selections of Beer and Wines, and not to forget to try-out our homemade Peach liquor and the draft.

"We tend to forget ourself, until we wakep-up; facing the reality and come to realized that we had gone too far."

The Regeneration.

Come to carress the tree, save the tree and plant your favourite tree and monitor it growth to your return, all the seeds, the marterials and tools are always available to do your nursery while updating The Five-season-bungalows, we'll do our... Đọc thêm

The Ho Chi Minh Highway West.

We are located at the middle of Hue City and Phong Nha cave. It takes about 4 hours from Hue if you travel from south to north or 5 hours from Phong Nha cave in the opposite direction. It takes about half an hour or 23 kms from us to the... Đọc thêm

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